Obviously the price per point is cheaper at BR, but the contract length is 25+ years longer at CC, and the dues are only $0.11 higher (for the moment). So what would make you choose BR over CC?

Will you book two bedrooms or are you looking for a studio or one bedroom?

For now we are a group of at least 6, with plans of growing our family. So a 2-bedroom works for us. Though at some point, we may need a 2-bedroom and a 1-bedroom (or studio).

You don’t like to make things easy do you? Two bedrooms have been easier to book at CC. If you need a studio or 1 bedroom right now that could be a challenge. BR sleeps more and the studios there have been available at 11 months.

My DH would answer with a very firm “NO!”

How are rooms gone even at the 11 month mark? Is it like ADRs and FPs and it’s because of the rolling window?

CC has a lot of points out there due to the cabins. There are some times of the year (December) that CC will not have any studios or 1 bedrooms days before your booking opens. Other times you have to be the button exactly at 8 and hope for the best. It is easier to book BR.

So do people do leading reservations to get in the door, then drop off the days they don’t need once they’ve gotten their actual dates?

It is called “walking” a reservation but you also have to account for the 30 people that booked 5 days before you.

So basically just start trying to “walk” about 30 days in advance of the dates that you actually want!

ETA - I’m not advocating this, just saying this seems like the only chance to get what you want.

I will be renting points from a friend who owns at BR. She was able to get me a studio at 11 months (with a little bit of finagling). She is wait-listing me for CC at the 7 month point (basically right about now); she seems to think it will come through for me. I’m hoping, but not planning on it.

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As early as you see availability

Edited to add: every board you read it clear this is not against the rules. I have not done it, but many do.

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