WL boat to MK

Staying at WL for mnsshp for the first time (in forever) and planning on using the boat to get to the party and back... Are we going to have any problems if we stay till the end of the party? Guessing they run it all night (well hoping) thanks!

Over July 4th, there was a problem with the WL dock lighting, and so they couldn't dock the boat after dark. They set up a bus bridge to get people where they needed to go. (I'm certain the light is fixed by now, but wanted to let you know that they will make other options if transportation gets shut down for some reason.) I can't imagine that they wouldn't run the boat until after the party, though.

Thanks! I'm Counting on the boat to get me back a fourth during the party at least once or twice (dh staying at WL with 7 month old smile ) will check into it a little more!