Wizarding World Xmas Day (1-day/2-park) in Covid

My family has only Christmas Day to tour all of the Wizarding World (both parks). I’m unclear as to which park to hit first. I’ve been advised elsewhere to head to IOA first to ride Hagrid’s Motor Bike & Forbidden Journey, which would have us training to Diagon Alley the second half of the day. I’m staying at a resort so we’ll have early admission, as well as Unlimited Express. I would love any thoughts on how to structure the touring plan given that recent discussion topics indicate waits at rides and restaurants seem especially bad right now, as do distancing and mask practices.

Start at whichever park has early entry. Usually only one park has it. If both, then do Hagrid’s during EA.

Both parks will have early admission on Christmas. I would go to IOA first, and be in line an hour before early admission starts. When they let you in head to Hagrids. Do not stop and admire anything else on the way, time is of the essence. :smile: Afterwards, do whatever, whenever as that is the beauty of unlimited express. I would probably go ahead and ride Forbidden Journey and Hippogriff though, since you are there and that area will get extremely crowded late morning. Maybe explore the shops there in Hogsmeade and eat or get some butterbeer. Then take the train to US and explore Diagon Alley, riding Escape for Gringotts and exploring the shops. Buy a wand and/or visit Olivanders. Cast some spells. Eat, get another butterbeer…this time warm if you had frozen before (or visit the ice cream place). Take the train back to IOA at some point so you get the experience of both train rides.
Are you looking to do things other than Harry Potter? If so, may I recommend the Bourne Spectacular stunt show, it is fantastic and you don’t have to have watched the movies to enjoy it. We don’t usually have a set plan with express, just ride whatever we happen to be near at the time. Have fun!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the advice.

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You are welcome!