With the furIoughs, I hope they are okay

These are tough times. But instead of my small “inconveniences” with WDW right now, my thoughts, prayers and hopes go to those who are enduring the worst.

Like the GF housekeeper who entertained my wife and I all week long with a different artistic towel arrangement each day when we were at WDW in February. I hope she is doing okay right now.

And the housekeeper at the Poly who took it upon herself to hand carry a new refrigerator to our room when my youngest son blurted out to her in the hallway that his soda pop in the room wasn’t very cold. I hope she is doing okay right now.

And Tony, at Citricos. Probably the single finest waiter my wife and I ever had the honor of being served by. I hope he is doing okay right now.

As well as the waiter at Morimoto Asia who talked Chef Masaharu Morimoto into a autographing a menu for my wife when we were lucky enough to dine there one night when Masaharu was onsite. I hope he is doing okay right now.

And then, OMG … there is the Wilderness Lodge bus driver at Epcot. When we saw the monorail line extend all the way back to the park exit at closing one night, he was the first bus I came upon unknowingly thinking we’d just take a bus to Poly instead of the monorail. “Sorry, no bus to the Polynesian. Gotta use the monorail,” he informed me. But after a quick glance at my wife trying to control 3 very tired boys standing behind me, he quickly added “But you can still hop on if you want. I drive right past the Poly on my way back to Epcot.” No joke. I hope he is doing okay right now.

I think you get my drift. I could go on. But these are memories that will stay with my family forever, created by some of the finest people we were ever lucky enough to meet at WDW. I hope they and all their co-CM’s get thru this okay.