With opening of ROTR, when is best time to ride MFSR?

Is RD still a good idea for MFSR? Seems like RD these days is better used on TOT, RNR…how are waits for MFSR since ROTR?

Also wondering this. We’re going Thursday 1/23. We’re super spoiled and not used to waiting more than 30 minutes for anything by going at low crowd times and good planning…

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Following this, we will be there on the 21st.

I’m in LA, but here there’s a big spike early, then the crowd continues to decline throughout the day. You can find the graph of the wait times throughout the day in the historical data for “Wait Times.”
I just went back to DL’s graph. It’s changed: low 8-8:30, highest spike of the day at 9:15, moderately high til lows at 8-9pm, then closing spike at 10.

I have noticed a large crowd of people head to Galaxy’s Edge at RD. Those that obtain a BG for RotR then go to MFSR to kill some time until their BG is called. The line gets real long and as other say, it does start to drop later in the day. If you can hold out to evening, it gets a lot shorter.

Some find it better to use that morning time to ride other attractions and stay ahead of the crowds.