Wishful thinking for bag storage?

DD (DCL cast member) and I are doing a one week WDW, DCL, WDW vacation in February. We are staying concierge level the first night at the contemporary. Can anyone tell me if we could leave one bag there for the 4 nights of our cruise, then get it transferred to POFQ when we come back? She will have her large Duffel bag she needs for her contract, but won’t need it for the vacation.

I am going to try to tag @brerbeer here. I believe he posted about “long term storage” when leaving for a cruise. I am interested too since I have a 2 night, 4 night cruise, 3 night stay next summer.

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I have had them store it at the same hotel I was returning to after the cruise. I’m assuming it would be fine to have them store it if you’re returning to a different hotel as well. I left one suitcase with them and took the other one with us.

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It worked perfectly @PT! CM at bell service’s said they do it a lot.


Thanks brerbeer! We will be glad not to lug around the, extra bag!

Thanks PrincipalTinker!

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