Does anyone have any advice for Wishes now that the FP option is no longer available? We are going in November and I am trying to decide if we should do the dessert party or try to get near the old FP location.

We love to hang out behind Plaza Garden West, in front of the Baby Center and between Casey’s and Crystal Palace. Perfect perfect perfect. Never have had to fight to get a spot, either.


I like OBNurseNH’s spot as well. I also like to stand on the upper level patio of the Main St train station.

I may be weird, but I really like watching the fireworks from behind the castle, near Pinnochio’s Village Haus. It’s just exciting to me to be surrounded. I wouldn’t recommend that if you’ve never seen them, though… you kind of miss out on the “show” aspect. You also might get pelted by a piece of cardboard shell, as well, if the clouds are low.

Is there always space on the upper level patio of the Main street station please? and can you watch the parades from there too please?

I’ve always been able to find a space 20 or so minutes before the fireworks… you can see the parade, but you’d have to be right up at the railing because you are looking down then, not up so get there early. It’s hard to say for sure, because I don’t know what crowds will be like for your trip… this is just from my experience, which is mostly limited to CLs of 6 or lower.

I can’t picture where this is…is it grass? Are the spots to sit?

No… if you face the train station from Main St, and go up the stairs it’s the open area at the top of the stairs outside of the loading platform area. It’s a concrete patio/porch area that looks out over Town Square. There may be some benches, but they’re not placed with fireworks/parade viewing in mind.

There are some trees that have low fences around them. We lean :slightly_smiling_face: