Wishes Pontoon Boat Cruise

Worth the price for a party of 6? Opinions?

I'd also love to hear opinions on this (but would have a party of 10)... 🚣

We have done both Wishes and Illuminations cruise. I prefer Wishes.

It's absolutely wonderful! You are on a private boat but still in the middle of all the activity & magic. The boat captains do a great job. For wishes you have more lake to cruise - all the way over to the campgrounds. The music is piped in and you have the same lake position as the Pirates and Pals cruise. Remember to figure in gratuity to the total cost. We ordered champagne and cake through dining. I am not sure if you could have brought your own cooler on or not - it would be worth asking.

Absolutely worth it for larger groups. Very peaceful. I will say it's going to be more special for people who know and love WDW vs people who are just out for a boat ride.


Boat cruise vs TTDP? Cost difference in Party of 6?

$28 per adult x 6 = $168

Specialty cruise $347 for up to 10 people. Plus drinks / cakes whatever you order. PLUS gratuity (I do 20%) so at least $410

I guess the break even point is 12 people but that would cost more for the bigger boat.

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