Wishes, MSEP or neither

Fastpass question: I currently have a FPP for Wishes on the day before Thanksgiving. I know that will be a busy day at MK. My question is, should I keep it and view from the Rose Garden or switch for MSEP and stay put for projection show and Wishes after? We will most likely have seen the parade and Wishes the week before but it is our last full day and it seemed like a good FPP to pick up and a good way to end our vacation.

My other FPP that day are 7DMT and A&E.

I'd say if you aren't missing another FPP for your trip I'd keep it. You can catch the late MSEP without a lot of staking out, and it sounds like you've got a pretty long trip. Sounds like a great way to end it.


I agree with Outer. It's too long since I saw Wishes frowning

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You have great FPP's for that day! We really liked how spacious and relaxing the fireworks were from the Rose garden. You are off center a bit, but we didn't care. I think the MSEP viewing area is a little too close to the castle for a great fireworks view