Wishes locations

Since wishes no longer has FP, is it a good idea to stay in my FP location for the electric parade and watch from here?? Is it a good view of celebrate the magic?

The parade area is in Town Square. Although you can look down Main Street and see Wishes, you really cannot see Celebrate the Magic in detail.

do you think i can get to a good spot for celebrate the magic and fireworks right after the parade, do you have any areas to recommend?

When is your trip? It is really unclear what the current fast pass area will be used for. Some people enjoy the porch of Cyrstal Palace. How about the back side of the fast pass fence if the area is blocked off?

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my trip is april 20-30, i planning on being at magic kingdom the night of the 25, and seeing the electric parade, celebrate the magic and wishes. I guess ill have to wing it and see what happens

If the electrical parade is just before Wishes, there’s fairly easy way to get a good viewing spot for Wishes. As the end of the parade passes by you in the Town Square area, step into the street and follow the end of the parade up Main Street. Just stop whenever you get to the spot farther up Main Street or in the Hub that you want to watch Wishes from. It takes the parade about 20 minutes to go by. If the parade is at 9 and Celebrate the Magic starts at 9:40, you’ll only have to stand there for 20 minutes or so til Celebrate the Magic starts.

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Some people recommend the bridge to BOG in FL. I do not! The fireworks go off right over your head. DD was scared to death. And you can’t see Celebrate the Magic from there.

This is where we have enjoyed the show from x2. Absolutely perfect

Well, except for the one dude with the kid on his shoulders the whole time :wink: There’s always one in the crowd!

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only one?

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Both times, yes. Only one! :smiley: