Wishes - January 2017

Hi! How are you?

I saw on crowd calendar that Wishes won´t happen on the entire January 2017.

Is that really possible??

On February first, the crowd calendar says that Wishes is scheduled…so, it is not that is too early too predict that!

Thank you!


Looking at the WDW TA calendars for Jan and Feb 2017, they match what you say: no Wishes at all in January. No EMH for HS either, not morning nor night. But I’ve seen Disney do really weird things with their calendars, leaving a whole week this past July without listing Wishes or MSEP, and then finally putting them back in but in reverse order. As it turned out, Disney loves to keep messing with the hours for things, right up to the day you go. Moral of the story: Look, but take it with a very big grain of salt because things are never ever set in stone, especially this far out. Keep checking back, and keep adjusting your plans. Personally, I think there will be fireworks of some kind, no matter what their name, at least a few nights each week.

This is the January 2017 travel agent calendar published by Disney: http://media.disneywebcontent.com/StaticFiles/ParkHours/WDWTravelAgent_january.pdf. It will change occasionally, and may not match what really happens (it didn’t in July). But it’s a convenient way to see the hours for a whole month at a time.

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Our trip is in January too. We’ve gone in January for the last 5 or 6 trips.
Wishes was everynight, as was the Electrical Water Pageant & the Main St. electrical parade.
And, at least one night, MK was open til midnight.

I agree with @mkmuzzy, they will update as it gets closer. This isn’t the only thing that seems off for January.
Really hoping that they extend AK hours. At the moment it’s set to close at 5 each night that we’re there, including MLK weekend. They’ve been open til 8 for the last few years to accommodate the larger crowds for the holiday.
I’m betting that sometime in Sept/Oct they’ll update most of these things.

im so confused because last week i was able to book a wishes dessert party for 1/13…now when i go back to look i see nothing listed in the schedule. it is still listed in my reservations

I think it’s just not close enough for the schedule to be out there yet. When I was checking for my visit, I notice times in August and September that were not showing up (and this was in early July).

Than you VERY much you all!

i also saw celebrate the magic has no times for Jan too.