Wishes holiday dessert party

Anyone have thoughts or opinions? I’d like to know if you think it’s worth the $79/adult price tag😬 thanks!

Is this the first time you are attending the party? I ask because it takes a lot of time and if it is I would say you may experience more if you do not go to the dessert party.

It is our first time to the party. My reasoning behind wanting to go was because I have a 2yo and an 8mth old (at time of trip) they were offering private area for parade viewing and I thought with the kids, that combined with a definite viewing area for fireworks might be our best option.

That may work to your advantage. You shouldn’t have to pay for them!

Do you think it’s a bad idea? I don’t want to miss stuff!

I would do a touring plan. You know you will see the parade, celebrate the magic and HolidayWishes easily. Do you want to do a dance party? Meet any characters? I do not meet characters at the parties but if you are planning on that I would be hesitant since I do not think you could also see the stage show?

I will say that when we tried it our plan was to watching Holiday Wishes from the party and then catch the second parade. By the end of the party it started raining and they cancelled the second parade so we never got to see it. I do feel like it took up a good part of the evening and we didn’t see most of the special holiday stuff.

I wouldn’t personally do it again, but that also has to do with the price. Two years ago when we did it the price $24. I don’t think I’d pay $79 for it for what you get. Especially with the big increases in the party ticket prices this year. It was fun but I feel like they have gotten to a point that it’s way over priced now. This trip we’re doing the illuminations dessert party which is still only $49 and includes sparkling wine.