Wishes FPP

Hi everyone,
My DH and I have a 12 day trip planned in May and I’ll be 20 weeks pregnant. The only thing I really want to have FPP for is Wishes because I always seem to be behind the guy with a really tall kid on his shoulders, or I get pushed or stuck behind a construction wall during the show. How hard is it to actually get FPP for 2 people for Wishes? Is it worth it? We will be doing the TTDP one night but Wishes is my favorite and could watch it again and again…
Another question…if I make FPP for both of us on an attraction that I’m unable to ride, can I give DH my magicband to ride twice or is that in poor taste?
TIA! :grinning:

If you go in at 60 days, I think you can get a Wishes FPP. I would try later in your trip window. When DH and I took two young adults we gave them our bands several times so they could ride EE and SM twice. People were doing it all over the parks. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Before FPPs became available, I had just given up on Wishes for the very reasons you cited - not to mention all of the really rude people you have to eal with. The FPP is actually a relaxing way to see the show. You can get to the area 15-20 min prior, are NOT packed in like sardines, and is a nice (if not perfect) view of the show.

The Wishes FPP is definitely worth it. It’s in the rose garden which is actually fenced off so it’s not crowded. If it’s nice and the ground isn’t wet you can move back a little ways and actually sit to watch it. We also got the MSEP FPP for the same night. They are right across the way from each other and we got to sit right on the edge of the parade route and not be crowded at all!

I hope they reopen that area. I understand that currently with the hub construction that rhe FPP area is by the flagpole near the train station.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I’m going to give it a try. Playing around on MDE, I was surprised to be able to book SDMT and FoF at 30 says out. My optimism is rising. :grinning:

Oh i’m not totally sure. I do know that when we checked in for our MSEP FPP they were telling everyone to check the location because they’d opened up the one in town square as an alternative second spot. So maybe both will be open?

I had no trouble booking FPP for Wishes and MSEP last night at 60 days. In fact could have easily booked multiple nights

Awesome! That’s my plan so hopefully it works out. Thanks for the info!

The FastPass location for Wishes and the parades have changed as of this year. According to this site Should You Use FastPass+ for Shows at Disney World? the FastPass location for Wishes is no longer the Rose Garden. “The viewing location for Magic Kingdom fireworks will relocate from the Rose Garden Fireworks Viewing area to the Main Street Plaza Gardens, adjacent to Casey’s Corner and the Plaza Restaurant. Guests with FastPass+ reservations can choose either side, based on availability.”

I don’t know if that makes a difference to anyone. I am still annoyed that MSEP in April will NOT be before Wishes, it will be after. Too late for little kids to stay up to see.