Wishes Fireworks -- viewing from Polynesian

I have a couple of questions about viewing Wishes fireworks from the Polynesian, where we are planning to stay. On our first MK day, I’d like to watch both the evening electrical parade and the fireworks. Since we have two small children, and the fireworks don’t start until 10 pm, I was thinking we could try to leave MK right after the 9 pm parade is over, and head right back to the Polynesian to watch the fireworks from the beach of the resort. My thinking is that we would be able to get the kids to bed slightly earlier since we would already be back at our resort and would avoid the worst of the crush of people leaving the MK after the fireworks.

So, is this idea remotely possible? If we see the 9 pm parade at the Magic Kingdom, can we be back at the Polynesian by 10 for Wishes?
Also, will we hear the music if we watch the fireworks from the Polynesian? To me, that is a big part of the enjoyment, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on the full experience.

I would think that this would be possible. However, I do not know what effect the abominations DVC Bungalows have had on fireworks viewing from the Poly beach - they used to pipe in the music, that that may have changed.

Also, another thing to watch from the resort is the Electrical Water Pageant , WDW’s oldest parade.

Is the Electrical Water Parade still going on? We’re going to be there in about ten days - March 20th week - can’t wait!!! Will watch the fireworks probably from Polynesian - although we are not staying there. Is that allowed? Any tips on what time to get there, etc?

Yes, it is still going on. Hopefully someone else can jump in with current tips for watching the fireworks at the Poly, as I haven’t went there for a while.

OMG - I totally forgot about those bungalows! We were hoping to watch Fireworks from here after drinks at Trader Sam’s. If this isn’t doable, how is the view from the Grand Floridian?

I have watched the fireworks from Trader Sam’s patio. They piped in the music there too.

I will have DS 17 with us though, is he allowed on the patio?

I’m so far behind! I need to research this all so much more!!

Also - on Aug. 6th - will the fireworks be at 9pm or 10pm? I am seeing conflicting info.

I have heard the patio is ok.

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