Wishes Fireworks Dessert party release dates

Hi all, my wife and I are going doing 11/11-11/16 and I wanted to do the Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party on 11/14. I check daily, but dates still aren’t released past September. Anyone know of any historical data on when dates might go? Well within 180 days now. Also, MVMCP is going on during that time (but not that night). Do they still even do the party during that time? Thanks for any help in advance.

They started adding “day of” dessert parties. I do not know if they are going to stop the pre booked ones. The day of party does not have seats, just high top tables I believe.

My understanding is that they will be continuing taking advanced reservations but offering the day of reservations for those who may want to attend the party but with less comfort.

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I’ve reached out a couple of times and am being told they’ll release closer to fall, which is why I was hoping someone might have the historical release dates from previous falls so I have a gauge on around when they might mean. Right now I’m just checking multiple times per day to see if updated.

Anyone hear anything about this? Thank you!

Dessert Party tickets are available for during the parties, but there’s currently nothing on normal nights.

Just heard someone booked 9 slots for Dec 10th by calling.

Thank you very much!