Wishes Fast Pass

My trip is in late April and I am looking for one Fast Pass during one of the nights of my trip for Wishes. I can’t seem to find it anywhere nor have I seen one since my 60 day window opened. Does anyone know if they wait to release Wishes FastPasses or if it is really that popular?

I found this about a week ago. It is still a rumor but many people have said that FP+ for Wishes has been missing from the list.


good info thanks

I just broke down and changed my Sunday plans so that I could make sure I got to do them one more time. There are rumors the space may be used in a way that there is an “up charge” such as a Wishes dinner package or another dessert party. We will see. Here is a link to keep an eye on it : http://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=835236