Wishes Fast Pass or Dessert Party?!

Visiting for Halloween this year! YAY! I got a reservation for the Wishes Dessert Party which I’m pretty excited about, but I’m wondering if seating/view wise we would be better off getting a FP+ for the Wishes viewing area. Also save $150 which sounds lovely to me. Any thoughts? Experiences with the two spots?

No experience of either but for what it’s worth I would get a FP. many liners are saying what you get for the dessert party isn’t worth the money. I bow to nobody in my appreciation of desserts, but even at Disney prices I’d struggle to eat $50 worth!

This trip I just vowed to give my kids a good fireworks/parade experience. They’ve been 3 times and never have we had the patience to wait to keep a good spot. I’m leaning toward keeping the reservation just until I can see if I can get a Fast Pass.

I have done both. I think the FP viewing area is a more direct view. I enjoy both.

Thank you!!!