Wishes Dessert Party - Worth It?

Looking for recent/current feedback on the Wishes Dessert Party, specifically the Tomorrowland Terrace. How’s the view, the food/drinks? Was it worth it?

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I’ve got nothing, but I’m following along because I have the same question.

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Would be good to have someone else chime in who’s done it more recently than me, but as someone who did it about five years ago, no, it wasn’t worth it then, and the price has just gone up and up. The desserts were fine, but I can’t justify the cost today and not getting alcohol or more hearty options. There’s so much good seating throughout MK for Wishes, and while it’s a great viewing location, the juice doesn’t justify the squeeze.

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Thanks for the info! Yes, it would be great to hear from those who have gone in recent months to get feedback.

I have no first hand experience with the dessert party, but the podcasts I’ve listened to seem to indicate that given a choice between the in-park dessert parties and a fireworks cruise, you should opt for the cruise. What I’ve heard is that people mostly pay for the dessert party to have good fireworks viewing.

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Family of 6 went to the dessert party June of 2016. Seating was first come first serve (on the terrace only) and attendees started lining up an hour before the event started (it should be noted I made my reservations 180 days in advance). We had a 9:00 PM reservation and were in line at 8:20 with about 30 people in front of us. As we were a party of 6 we could not have a table/tables up front since (next to the wall) they were for parties of 4 (there was a CM directing the seating) and they didn’t want us wasting 2 spots by taking 2 tables (though they were available). I’m not sure why they couldn’t have let us have 2 tables and then sat a couple with us as there are many WDW events that they have you share a table with strangers (I know, I’ve done it).

The desserts were served buffet style and included fruit and cheese trays, there was also an ice cream sundae area which was portioned out by a CM. I was disappointed in the selection of desserts (particularly because there was no creme brulee) but more so by the view which was obstructed by the terrace overhang, my family on the furthest side of the table didn’t have much of a view at all. I’m glad we did it as I would have been left wondering what I’d missed out on but it wouldn’t be something we’d do again.

Between the 6 of us I’m sure we tried everything offered, there were a couple of different cupcakes choices which my daughters tried, they commented that they were dry. There were gigantic strawberries that were dark chocolate or white chocolate covered (they were decent), not sure why they didn’t have milk chocolate.

I went with high hopes despite the negative reviews I’d read here on the board and elsewhere on the internet, quite frankly for the price it was a total letdown. Could have bought a lot of desserts (better, specific to the person’s preferences) and gotten a comparable view without having spent nearly $300.00. I’d like to profess that I’m not hard to please and don’t have unrealistic expectations, this event just wasn’t up to par for the cost.


Thank you - we are a party of six and the details you gave have really helped me make a decision.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the good review. We too are a party of 6 and I was torn from the start because it is hard to stake out a spot when you have small kids (5 and 7) that are too big to hold and too small to see over people. I just canceled our March reservation. I think we will be better served getting snacks and desserts and hanging out for a while before Wishes starts.

Have not done it. But would do so if I could now that wishes will be over in early May.

Party of 2 went in January 2017, it is first-come first-served for seating and larger parties seemed to have a harder time with seating. My daughter and I were shown to a seat and didn’t care for it so I told the cast member we were moving. I too made my reservations 180 days in advance and was shown a seat in the rear since all seats around the railing were taken. There was a table for 4 in a prime spot and cast member did not want us to take it, but I did and it was a great view. The My Disney Experience should tell you a proper time for getting to special events.
Desserts were ok, sundae station was good, as was the fruit and cheese and crackers. Beverages were ok too. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 7, mostly for the view and fact that you are not standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people. You are given a bag of GhirardelIi chocolates per party upon leaving. There was no rush to leave either. My daughter and I stayed and had a cup of tea while the masses left the park. I am trying the Plaza garden dessert party in June, I hear you see the castle show and fireworks better from the Plaza viewing than the Terrace and its cheaper.

Please note that you can not see the projection show on the castle very well from Tomorrowland Terrace.


We did the party in June 2015 (two adults and kids 4 and 7). It was our first time in WDW and our first night in MK, so it was amazing! I agree with previous posters that the desserts were good, but nothing incredibly special (same as what you get in other places in WDW, just at a buffet you can have as much as you’d like). We did get good seating, but also lined up with everyone else before the fireworks started. It was an incredible memory, loved every second. But, it wasn’t so special that we will do it again. Had I already been to WDW and seen Wishes previously, I probably wouldn’t have been as WOW’d about it as I was at the time.

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OK, so I haven’t done the party - I cancelled it on our Aug 2016 trip and was so glad I did. We stood in the old Fastpass+
area - 15 minutes before Wishes and had a super uninterrupted view. I spent the $240 on a California Grill for my wife’s birthday. The kids loved it, the wife loved it and our table over looked MK. Wishes was good from the roof terrace. A much better bang for your buck. Yes the bill $320 inc. tip but we had a full meal so the price was like for like.

The old FP+ area has been split in two and 1 half they reserve for Dessert Party guests! The desserts are quite small and then you can walk and stand next to people who have not paid! Madness!

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