Wishes Dessert Party - Can you get a refund please?

Can you get a refund on a Wishes Dessert party if you cancel before 48hrs please?

Is the current cancelation 48 hours? If it is you will get refunded ( I booked and canceled within a few days recently. It take a while for the refund (I believe it was over 5 days).

I’m not sure it doesn’t say on the disney site.

I thought it used to be 72 hours, but I do not know why that number is in my head!

If you got an email confirmation about the reservation, it will have the cancellation policy in terms of refunds. Every restaurant/event has its own policy. If you can’t find any information, just call them to ask about it.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 days as long as it is refundable. Am I right in thinking MVMCP isn’t refundable please? I’m booking ADR’s in a few days and my plan still keeps changing.

The general rule is that party tickets are non refundable. I do know someone that did get a refund- but it is very rare and you should plan that it will never happen.

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We are booked for this event on 6/25/16. We have to cancel within 5 days. I have mixed feelings about it. Last trip we were able to snag a late-day FP for Wishes, and loved the view. I was so disappointed that there are no more FP’s for Wishes, that I booked the dessert party as a one-time treat for my family. We were all looking forward to it. Now I am reading a lot of bad reviews (not worth the money, pre-packaged desserts, bad view of castle show, queueing really early for best seats, comments about obesity and people gorging themselves on desserts!) Has anyone attended this event recently? Are the advance reservation tables pre-assigned, or is it first come, first serve? We don’t want to spend valuable time standing in a queue when we have an advance reservation. How is the view? Advice, please!

We did the dessert party awhile back before the price hike and we did enjoy it, at that price point. I don’t think we’d do that one again at the new price because it is very standard dessert selection. The tables not preassigned anymore they are first come first served. I thought the view was pretty good, however, when the show starts everyone lines up at the railing so it’s not like you’ll be sitting at your table to watch.

I think the Epcot and HS parties are the better value now.

Having just called Disney about this very issue, in regards to my reservation for September, I was told the following. The CM I spoke to told me that the tables are assigned depending on how early the parties reservation is made. I think some of the bad reviews are coming from people who are doing the same day reservations and are forced to stand and queue for a long time. Unless something has changed my understanding of the pre-assigned tables is that showing up 30 mins before is sufficient to be seated at your table.

When they increased the price of the party there were reports that tables were moved to the edge, and tables were no longer pre- assigned- you were seated at a table in the order you lined up. The reports also said that everyone was told they had to stay seated throughout the fireworks. Has that changed? Were the reports of the same day parties being discontinued true?