Wishes At Bridge to Tomorrowland - crowded?

Trying to gather ideas on places to watch without the 7 yr old having to struggle to see. I have a few other spots lined up. Just wondering about this Tomorrowland bridge. Any thoughts? Sightline is supposed to be great. We should have about 30 minutes to try and stake out a spot after our last fastpass at Jungle Cruise, and a stop for a dole whip at aloha. Thoughts? CL on that day is an 8.

Following this…we’ve never watched from there but it sounds interesting!

I might be wrong but I believe in the past, I have seen cast members making sure that bridges and most walkways (hub not included obviously) remain clear so that guests can move around.

you might want to try the veranda at Crystal palace

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I believe this is the bridge we watched Wishes from last year. It was very crowded but only in the few minutes leading up to the show. Then stayed crowded for the duration. There is concrete bench seating built into the bridge. We got stuck behind a tree and didn’t see Tink. Ruined the show for me. Don’t get stuck behind a tree!

Thanks, susan_bayles -
Do you have to have a reservation or anything like that, or can you just walk in and go? Usually crowded?

That is the area to sit if you are waiting to eat at the restaurant. There are no restrictions to sit there that I know of. ( no one asked us to leave or move) It wasn’t crowded when we were there but it was not a busy time of year and most people were done eating.