Wise counsel required

Yes. I’ve rescheduled to August. Why? Better timing professionally, better Disney package (better hotel, extra night, $300 of gift cards, for only $40 extra), more time for things to reapproach normality.


This. I’ve been saying this for years - but not 12. Only maybe half that.

“Change is scary but because we are scared it does not mean we should refuse to reflect, learn, and change.”

Change is imperative if the goal of education has anything to do with students and their future.

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I think this was a good idea for you. You couldn’t pay me to go in August, but you love the heat and humidity…

I haven’t heard of it or seen it mentioned anywhere. I just googled it and all the reports stem from The Telegraph article you linked with an unknown source. I wouldn’t say it’s not true, I don’t know if it will be official policy in future. But i don’t see how it would work, aside from anything else. You get 2 negative tests and then go around doing whatever you like? You could be infected leaving your second test and be spreading it all over.

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I’m in a similar conundrum. Instead of April/August, we are trying to decide between May and September. At this point, I am leaning towards September as hopefully things will be “more normal.” We are driving and staying off-site, so moving dates is simple and nothing is set in stone.

My one downside to September is my DD turns 3 at end of May and we are rule followers. So both kids would be free in May, but in September I would be paying for one kid and two adults.


Weather is soooo much nicer in May! But probably much closer to “normal” by September.

I think May and September are equally hot

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Its the storms in September that bring the humidity and hurricanes tho, lol. End of May can be fairly warm too I guess. Only been first week of May.

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oh yes… September is typically the worst month of hurricane season…

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Yeah, we don’t mind the heat, that’s one of the reasons we like going to Florida so often. Higher chance of rain can be a problem though. Our last trip was last November and it was 60’s and rained periodically the whole week, but never enough to ruin the day.

I’d still think I’d risk a higher chance of rain for a higher chance of getting fireworks, characters, shows, etc.

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Ponchos and weather friendly shoes! Little rain never hurt anyone. Also, if you bring a back pack, Scotchgard the heck out of it!


In my opinion the pluses of the switch out weight the minuses. If it were me, I would switch.

I used to worry about hurricanes at WDW. But then @Randall1028 came along with his September 2019 trip. Disney nailed down everything that could move and shut down all the parks and two things then happened.

First, the hurricane decided it wasn’t all that interested in going to WDW.

Second, @Randall1028 had the best trip ever because WDW was empty of people and as dry as a bone.

Four months later I arrived at WDW in hurricane-free December. Both my MVMCP and my back-up MVMCP were spoilt by rain, the second so much so that Disney refunded everyone’s tickets without them even needing to ask if they would.

Hurricane, schmurricane.


I agree completely with this. I was there in 2017 during Hurricane Irma and Disney handled it all spectacularly. Of course, it stunk that we basically lost 2 park days as everything was shut down. But then again, for the couple of days before the hurricane and immediately after once the parks reopened, we had a fantastic time - one of the best times I’ve ever had at Disney. Low crowds, easy to get last minute reservations just about anywhere. We were totally carefree and just had fun.

Add April in there as well. Here April can still have snow altho it’s more likely to be in the 50s. We melted the one WDW mid-April trip. Were also uncomfortably warm in early June.

Our 2 September trips weren’t awful. There are HOT days yet by September we’ve had July and August temps that often are hotter than Orlando’s. Being used to it helps.

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