Winter break Universal and Disney

Hi I figured I would get my trip report started to give me time to figure out how to respond in more real time. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s trip reports for quite some time. We head down to Orlando Feb 15 to spend 4 nights at Universal and then move over to Disney for 6 nights. We includes myself 45F, DP (Dear Partner) 41 non-binary, DC (Dear Child) 7 non-binary. Last year was my first RunDisney foray with the Princess Half Marathon. I had hip surgery this past august so we are doing the Princess 5k this year as a family. Somehow I do not win things but I will luck out in situations where I get to spend more money. :crazy_face:


First trip in 2019


Loose planning. DC is not into thrills so not sure what they will agree to. We bribed them with a wand if they rode the HP rides last year. I’m mid level thrills, I cried on velocicoaster last year. My partner loves the thrills.

Feb 15 Wednesday
Flight lands at 8:05 pm. Get to Cabana Bay and pass out

Feb 16 Thursday
Let family sleep in a bit
Get groceries from Amazon fresh
Pteranodon Flyers (told DC they have to take me on it or ride JP River adventure, they are going to be too tall soon so I’m playing dirty)
Hogwarts Express
Fast and Furious
Mardi Gras eats
Horror make up show
Animal Actors
Mardi gras parade

Feb 17 Friday
IOA EE 8am
Harry Potter wand experiences
Hogwarts express
Wand at DA
Midday break pool/Galaxy bowl
Kids nite out/date night
US Mummy
IOA Jurassic Park River Adventure, Hagrids

Feb 18 Sat
US 8am EE
Hogwarts Express
Poseidon Fury
Toothsome lunch with Friends
Midday break pool
Maybe rides with friends but they have express and we do not

Feb 19 Sun
EE both 8am
US Park for couple hours leave at 10:30
Move to beach club


No Simpsons or Forbidden Journey?

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Simpsons most likely will be there. Forbidden Journey not sure if DC will agree to repeat. Both require me to make sure my Reliefband is functioning. I also promised more down time this trip so trying not to overschedule :grimacing:


I am prone to overscheduling too. My family needs more downtime than I do.


Following. Have the best time!

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Worthy goal, but very hard for a Liner!


Looking forward to following along!

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We are at the airport sitting down for dinner before our 8pm flight, woot!


Hope you had a nice trip and arrived well!

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By the time we got our bags, grabbed an Uber and checked in it was 1am before I was laying my head on the pillow.
Here at Cabana Bay lobby 5 hours later waiting for Amazon Fresh. I should have scheduled a later delivery.
We got the upgrade here at Cabana that I gambled/hopes for.
I had booked an exterior family suite with my Amex points forever ago. When I found out about a month ago that they pool on that side was being refurbished while we there I cancelled and booked a standard room. I did not want to pay extra for possible construction noises and a longer walk to the pool. We do like the extra space and kitchenette so I secretly hoped we would be upgraded and we were 4th floor starlight. Sweet same room type more than $200 worth in points less!
Ok let’s see how I fare in less than 5 hours sleep.


Have a fantastic trip! Looking forward to following along!

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Got the Amazon fresh, unpacked, made breakfast and finally got family out the door a little after 10. There is no hard touring today. We have done Cat in the Hat and the Carousoussel and DC insisted on Cheetos and oj



High in the Sky Trolley done and now waiting for Poseidon


Wait time for Poseidon was way underestimated and DC got very very scared and had to take a chicken exit with DP.
DC got chocolate ice cream and I got a butter beer and fire whiskey. Do not stir the cold butter beer when you first get it. Oops!


Pad Bhaji from India is yummy! Sorry ate before photo. And enjoying my shark attack. I had to share the gummy with DC before it got soaked.


Tried to get in the ministry