Wine Package Bottle Sizes

For anyone who has done the Wine Package, how big are the bottles? Chateau Ste. Michelle is one of our favorite Rieslings and I’m happy that it’s included but I’m wondering if it’s the smaller bottle. If so, DH, my mother and I might be fighting for the second glass, LOL.

Does anyone know the size of the bottle? If it’s smaller, I’m thinking it would be worth me bringing my own larger bottles on board and just paying the corkage fee.

I did get the wine package myself, but the table near us did. They looked like normal wine bottles to me. I’d still vote to bring some aboard & pay the fee. I’ve read sometimes they don’t even charge you for it. YMMV
I’d be worried you wouldn’t care for the other bottles in the package too.

I’m thinking I may bring my own bottles. My mom likes her reds and DH likes his Riesling. I’m not particular but I don’t know if they’ll charge me $20 per bottle. I’m not sure if it’s better for me to just purchase a 5 night package even though we’re only going for 3.

Is it a must to have wine with dinner? Otherwise I’d just have a glass or 2 in your room before dinner & one day have a bottle at dinner.

I do like to drink wine with my dinner when I go out. I can’t sit and drink it in my room, I wouldn’t be able to walk into the restaurant if I did that, LOL.

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:grinning: I prefer to have a glass or two with dinner too. For such a short cruise, I would bring your own wine and pay the fee. Have a fun cruise!!

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