Wine & Dine 2016 - Training, Camraderie, & Meet thread

Now that we’re a mere four months away from the Wine & Dine weekend, I thought we might enjoy a thread where we can share plans & excitement, support each other in our training, amd maybe plan some
Liner meet-ups. Comment below with which race(s) you’ll be in and your travel plans, and any other details you wish. :blush:

Planning an adult trip for Food and Wine, but will not be participating in any race events. Will we need to avoid any parks that weekend?

I doubt it. Race starts at 5:30 and most runners will be finished before parks open. The course is new this year and yet to be released. I took a solo trip the weekend of the PHM and although it was definitely more crowded, I wouldn’t have known there was a race if I hadn’t known ahead of time, if that makes sense.

Any idea how long to expect it to take at the expo if we show up first thing Thursday? Plan to shop a bit. Saw some pictures from some recent expo openings and it looked a bit like black Friday conditions. Was planning to arrive maybe 30 minutes before the expo opens and hoping to be to MK by noon. Does this sound feasible?

I am heading the opposite route. I will be in MK in the morning and plan on heading to the expo in the afternoon on Thursday. We are running the 5k as a family (Myself, DW, DS10, DS7), and I don’t think we plan on a whole lot of shopping at the expo, we really just need to get our bib and such. Is it really busy by the afternoon, or will the rush be slowing down?
Another question… My plan is to walk to the Contemporary to catch a bus to the expo. My research tells me that these buses don’t actually exist, except for during runDisney events. Can anyone confirm that I will be able to get a bus to WWOS from the contemporary for the expo?

I was at the expo for marathon weekend Friday afternoon and it was not too busy. No problem getting bib and registration packet quickly. There were extra buses running from resorts for the expo and for the races, but we were at Caribbean Beach. I would assume it would be the same for Contemporary. These buses were not standard Disney buses, they were other charter type buses. There were signs at the bus stops and the buses had little signs in the front windows.

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