Will you melt more in July?

We are hoping to book a trip for the summer of 2020 and our schedule is pretty much wide open. There is only one week between June and July that we could not go. Glancing at the crowd calendar it seems like anticipated crowd levels are just slightly lower in July than in June, but do you think the difference in temps from early June to mid July make it not worth trying for the slightly lower crowds?

We have always been in November, so the heat is my #1 fear for this trip. We are all healthy people and can manage hot weather, but I do have teens that I worry might grumble in the heat. I am trying to mentally prepare them for how hot it will be and they insist they understand, but of course they can’t fully understand until they are there.

Ive been both times ur referring to. There is a bit of a difference,but not huge. It may be the humidity level is elevated in July vs early June, not sure. To beat the heat, I planned the indoor attractions and the “less out of the weather” attractions from noon to 4pm. This worked well for us.


We just got back from an impromptu July trip and were so nervous about the heat. We were pleasantly surprised! It was definitely hot but not unbearable. We actually talked about how we might make it an annual trip. We just made sure to take a lot of breaks in the stores for the AC and drink a bunch of water and it really helped. The one time it really got to me was when we waited about 20 minutes for a parade to start in MK. I caved and bought a cooling towel which actually really helped. One thing we learned was that the sidewalks get super hot so bring something to lay on the ground and sit on if you want to rest before/during the parades. Have fun!


We had a similar experience. Just got back last Saturday. It was hot. Some days, it was hella hot. But there were also a couple of days that were downright pleasant with persistent, light rain…like rained enough to get us really wet but didn’t shut anything down.

Our past trips were in January, February and October so I was REALLY nervous about the heat. But I just planned for us to wake up and get after it about as early as possible each morning. It sometimes sucked waking the kids up but we got in and were leaving for a break usually by 1 and often didn’t get back into touring until 6 which really helped. With teenagers that type of touring style may be more challenging…


Like everyone said, you will be ok either way. I just got back from a trip from the last week in July. It was hot and that was uncomfortable, but it rained A LOT! I think, all things being equal, I would do June, just so my kids could actually swim when it wasn’t raining. Either way, you will have fun.


I’ll chime in to say that any summer month (and even well into fall) can be brutal. I’ve been in June and it happened to be a record high year. Heat index was well over 100 each day. Went in October of the same year and it was roasting hot still. The July in the following year was much less oppressive. So, as with all weather in Florida, it can vary.

As others have said, plan for indoor attractions. And maybe only schedule 3-4 hours at a time in the parks. Take time for the pools.


I think I almost prefer the too hot over too cold :joy: I went in Dec 2017 for 1 day before a cruise, it was around 45F(8C) - I am from Canada, but that was damn cold while at MK. Contrast with my trip in early July this year when it was 110F most days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We just hopped into stores whenever possible to cool off. Brought cooling towels, small hand held fans, and took afternoon breaks. My other trips have been in the Jan/Feb time frame. Been pretty lucky then to get jeans/t-shirt weather, with the occasional days where a hoodie is required. Going end of Jan 2020 hoping it’s moderate temps.


:joy:, so Jan is jeans n a t-shirt, lol. Its 3 layers, pants, 2 socks for us, lol