Will UOR do the right thing?

In January of this year I spent about $700 on an annual pass, two (dated) express passes and two one-day dining cards. This was for my June trip.

Obviously that trip was cancelled. I’ve heard nothing from UOR and certainly not been given or offered a refund.

I’m not now planning to return until August next year. (I’m from the UK.)

I’m assuming they’ll honour the AP, which will start on first use. And the dining cards. But what about the express passes?

Was there a process for getting a refund? Should I just trust that UOR will do the right thing?

Have you tried sending them a message?

I had purchased a new 3 park AP to be used on my December and February trip. When UOR announced that VB would be closes for November-March, I messaged them and asked if I could get a refund on the 3 park portion of the pass. They said to go to guest services to get the unused passes downgraded to a two park pass.
My December trip has been canceled so i haven’t had the chance to visit them yet. If the February trip happens, I will report what happens then.

What is it you want them to do?

At minimum they’ll allow you to apply the cost to new Express Passes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could call right now for a refund.

I had to make a bunch of changes when our spring break 2020 trip was cancelled and they were always very helpful and I didn’t run into anything that I felt was unfair.

Call them with the situation. The sooner you call the more likely you’ll get accommodations that’ll suit your situation. Know your request beyond “do the right thing”. “I would like to apply my June un-used EP for the dates in August 2021 because I’m in the UK and can’t travel.” Same for APs. Call.

Appears the ticket line is 0800 408 4834.


They have a UK number?!

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