Will TP have you pull a FP while you are an on extended break, either in or out of park?

I’m just starting to play around with this for our July trip. It has me pulling one FP (Guardians) at the start of our 4 hour break starting at 1pm. But then it doesn’t have us pulling another one (Incredicoaster) until 5:45, after we are back in park. Does this sound right? Of course, I will be checking the app every 90 minutes while we are gone, but I thought this was odd…

If you are referring to MP, yes you are able to pull another FP at 90 minutes (whenever you pull a FP always make sure you note or screen shot the time you can pull your next fp. It may be earlier than the 90 minutes).

Yes, maxpass. But TP doesn’t have me pulling ones for the hours I am out of the park. I had a few theories of possibly why. Maybe the return times would still be during our extended break time? I’ll keep playing with different scenarios to see what happens. This was only the first day I had tried to plan.

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Are you able to pull MP when not in the park? We’re staying at DLH but I assumed we could only pull MP inside of the park.

As long as you have tapped that ticket at the tap styles least once that day (including getting on the monorail at DTD) you can get a fp from wherever the rest of the day. Our MO is to get to the parks well before park opening, once you are through gates and have tapped your ticket in, take a few steps to get out of the way of those coming in behind you and buy MP (if not already done so) and select first FP (if you are there for EE/EMH the fist FP will not be available until regular park opening). You can select a FP at either park. I use the time for EE/EMH to ride rides that do not have FPs (pretty much all of Fantasy Land at DL). Then we usually let MP and low wait times dictate the rest of the morning. We usually take a break at about noon and spend a few hours resting in our room while I collect fps for our evening. I have gotten up to four lined up, but depending on crowds and what fps you are pulling, and how long you are taking a break for, your mileage may vary.


carthy15, this is such helpful info! thank you!

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When I have wanted my plan to reflect FP pulls during a break, I figure out when it will predict which FPs at which time & then I will but time in for breaks before & after that step to pull a FP, but this is very manual & detailed & the prediction of what the FP return time will be is often different than the TP will state (but I still find it helpful to have my plan collected in one place like a TP with rough estimates of how long things will take & I often make a lot of notes in it of when to watch for FPs times when I want them).

The software doesn’t (yet) have the ability to tell you to do something in the middle of a step. But it’s a good idea.

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