Will touring plans be adjusting MVMCP ride time estimates?

Hi there. With the news lately that MNSSHP seems to have been ‘oversold’ this year (most parties have been very crowded with long attraction wait times), should we expect touring plans to be adjusting it’s ride wait time estimates for the parties going forward?

For example, we are attending our very MVMCP this year in late November. The wait time estimates are showing 5-10 minutes for rides like Splash, Big Thunder, Pirates, etc. However, I have been hearing lots of reports that the ride wait times for these attractions have been more like 40 minutes at the Halloween parties.

Just want to be able to adjust my expectations for the evening to something more realistic instead of arriving expecting short wait times only to be disappointed…

This would be very helpful information! I am considering a late November party, as well.

I’m thinking the long wait times is likely larger crowds, but could also be a case of Disney understaffing attractions and running less ride vehicles (as they have been doing lately during slow times). Which is frustrating considering the extra cost of this party. If they are running rides at lower capacity and increasing wait times as a result, this will be the last party we attend.

But then…what about the “free” desserts? :wink:

It would be downright shameful if that is what Disney is doing. To upcharge for this event, and then purposely undermine part of the reason people pay for it? Disney will never own up to that, though. Still, even if they are simply “overselling” the party, then they have brought in enough extra money to add extra staffing.

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