Will this work?

Okay, we have a short trip planned for July 29th-August 2nd with four days at the park. I paid for Touring Plans and will also buy Genie+ and ILL (this is all new to me as the last time I was there was in 2007, but watching a lot of videos). The short trip is due to us just actually filling time before a cruise with friends.

With all of this and proper planning, is it likely that I’ll be able to make all the attractions below (TP suggests YES, and easily):

30th Magic Kingdom:
Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (thinking ILL or VQ)
Space Mountain
TRON: Lightcycle Run (LL)
Haunted Mansion
Hall of Presidents
Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid
Pirates of the Caribbean
Peter Pan’s Flight
Seven Dwarves Mine Train Ride (ILL)
Carousel of Progress

31st HS and Epcot
Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (ILL)
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Rock n’ Roller Coaster
Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway
MuppetVision 3D
Fantasmic (get dinner reservations for better seating and 20m early access)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (ILL)
Mission: SPACE (dramamine)
Frozen Ever After
Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
Gran Fiesta Tour (Mexico)
The American Adventure (America)
Spaceship Earth

Avatar Flight of Passage (ILL)
Expedition Everest
It’s Tough to be a Bug
Na’vi River Journey
Tree of Life

Anything we couldn’t fit on the other days (have Park Hopper) or want to do again.

Am I insane for thinking this is even remotely doable?


These days all look completely doable to me, other than perhaps your HS / EP day. You may have to decide which attractions to drop if you run out of time, and have a plan of when is the latest you want to hop. But it’s certainly possible you could get all that done if things go smoothly.

It’s nice to have that extra pickup day at the end!

Good luck!


I think it looks mostly doable. But if you’re doing Fantasmic I would start at Epcot and hop to DHS.

You also have ILLs listed that are just on G+
ILLs that you can buy are currently Tron, 7dmt, Guardians, Rise and FoP.

Pretty sure Tiana will be only standby or G+ by the time you go, Disney have said VQ will be in force for just a short while.

Tron is the ILL or VQ ride.


Tianas will be VQ and LL-they are not offering the ILL for this.

You can do the dinner package and get middle. Or get there early (45-30 mins), get a good seat and eat QS, drinks, snacks while you wait.

Not an ILL-just LL. Also you can only get 2 ILLs a day.

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Personally i would skip the PHs and do HS on 31st and EP on the 2nd. That is a lot for the 31st and
you might have problems with timing with grabbing all those LLs.

You don’t think the VQ will stay around more than a month? I would think they would use it through Thanksgiving at least.


I doubt it. Disney said “a short while”. I think it’s just to manage the crowds for the first couple of weeks.

Splash didn’t need a VQ, I doubt just because it now features a princess that they’ll need a VQ.


Yeah, my original thought was HS on one day and EPCOT on another, but then a lot of my reading said they MIGHT be doable in one day and just use the walkway between them. So, if it fails, we just roll-over into the open day now.

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That’s good. More options given that. Thanks!

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The last couple times we did it, we ate at Brown Derby which somehow got us access and better seats, maybe. Is that still a thing?

Wait. Two a day, or two a day per park? I thought it was the latter.


What is a PH? Also, that’s why we had the 2nd “open” as it was originally a day to allow for one day at each park, but MK looked so packed to me that doing two parks on the same day seemed a good GOAL. If it doesn’t work, we may get part way there and then just come back the 2nd and fill-in other missed items.

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Two per day, regardless of which park they are in.

Park hopper.

I enjoy hopping but sometimes it is better to do one park per day, depending on your budget and tolerance for walking / travel between parks.


Yes, the Fantasmic Dinner package. They aren’t always released at the same times as other dining so keep checking if you dont see availability. If you do that you can show up 20 mins before the show and get a nice middle of the middle section seats.

Only 2 a day. But the only park that has 2 is MK- Tron and 7DMT.

Park Hopper. If you bought through Disney you should be able to modify your tix to base tix if you didn’t want to PH.

And I think your MK day doesn’t really look all that full, lol.

Same here, but sometimes there are necessary exceptions. EPCOT comes to mind for some meals, for example. If we eat in EPCOT multiple nights, I believe we’d need park tickets for EPCOT multiple times even if we’re just going for dinner.

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I trust your instincts WAY better than my outdated view. hehe If it’s not all that full, that’s even better as then we might be able to get more in or back to the AK Lodge a bit earlier for a late meal there (I don’t like any restaurant in MK – though again, I’m basing that one 2007 viewpoints).


Yes that’s correct, and a big reason I will often get hoppers.

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Sanaa! If you can’t get an ADR, you can always try to get on the walk-up list. Jiko and Boma are good, too.

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We have reservations for Jiko on the day we arrive as we’ll get there around 2pm so I didn’t do park tickets for that day. Will just hit the pool and enjoy the lodge. I assumed Jiko was the big one. Sanaa also sounded great. I assume ADR is “advanced dining reservation?” Boma’s buffet and we have the full dining plan so we were going to use that at least once.

Frankly, the food options at AKL sounded better than 99% of EPCOT country options. I used to love the France options, but now they don’t sound nearly as good and the old Italy isn’t sounded as good. If that’s accurate, we may eat at AKL at least 4 of our 7 nights.


What do people think of the accuracy of the Touring Plans custom itineraries? I paid for them, but I can’t really get a sense of how reliable they might be or if they’re really handling the LLs and ILLs optimally. Not sure how they even can given that they don’t have a clue as to what time the systems will reserve for each instance.

I’m assuming the main value is in reducing your cross-park walking.



Sanaa is one of my favorites. Jiko is more posh (still comfortable vibe - not stuffy) and better quality in general, but Sanaa has the famous bread service, which I could just live off of.

I find them helpful as a general gut check and to plot out your day and get an idea of timing. But I wouldn’t 100% trust it with selecting LLs. There are too many factors for it to do so optimally.

One way to use TP is to create a plan where you tell the software you won’t use LLs. Then you will have a realistic amount of attractions in your plan. Then on the day of your visit, choose your ride with the longest wait in the plan and get a LL for that first. Then once you use it, get a LL for the ride with the second highest wait that has a reasonable return time. And so forth.


Skippers is worth a try if the menu appeals to you. We’ve eaten there 3 times and are generally satisfied. Dining at AK is great too. Or even boating across to the QS at Wilderness Lodge or Poly is better than most QS at MK.

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