Will this work? Suggestions for a better plan welcome

I just booked an 11:05 reservation for Topolino’s on our checkout day. If we are checked out of the Yacht Club and walking to HS by about 9:30, can we catch the Skyliner there (without going through the tapstiles) to get to Riviera in plenty of time to check in for our reservation? Our flight is at 5:45. I am guessing that the Magical Express would be picking us up around 2:30, is that a reasonable guess? Will that give us enough time to enjoy our meal, take the Skyliner back to EPCOT station, and walk back to YC and collect our luggage?
If you have any ideas to improve upon this plan, I welcome suggestions. We are not using ride shares because we would need 2 car seats.
Thank you for your help. As soon as I booked this I started thinking about why it might not work.

Why would you go to DHS to get the Skyliner? Why not just go to the IG, that way it’s one stop.

If they are letting people go from CBR to Riviera or the IG for restaurant reservations, it should be running. They were doing that at the start of the year. Have you seen reports that it isn’t?

Edit: thinking about this, the CBR to Epcot line must be running for Riviera guests to get to DHS. So if you have a reservation for Riviera you should be allowed to board at the IG.


Meant to add, the timing seems fine to me. Make sure to be back at YC in time to collect your bags from Bell Services. The DME time is the departure time so allow 30 minutes before that to collect bags and visit the restrooms.

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why not? I bet it will work

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My first idea had been to walk to EPCOT and catch the Skyliner at IG. But then I thought, EPCOT would not yet be open at around 9:30 and would the Skyliner be running to IG. So, I switched to walking to HS.
Thank you for the response.

Thank you. We will have a just turned 5 year old and a 2 year old to take to the bathroom before boarding the bus. Plus their Nana (me) who can’t get on any transportation without hitting the bathroom first. I figure if they say a 2:30 departure, I would be there by 2:00 or earlier. I figured an 11:05 lunch, finished by 12:30 or so should give us adequate time to get back, unless the Skyliner breaks down with us up in the air. I will want to walk around their gift shop when we get there.