Will the Early Morning Magic mess up our BOG 8 AM touring plan?

We booked 8 AM BOG breakfast to get ahead of crowds but just now saw it is an Early Morning Magic day. We did this in March and was able to ride 7DMR before 9 opening. Should I cancel our ADR since it is a EMM day or will the ADR still give us an advantage?

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The only advantage we had in February on EMM day was to get in line before the crowds. So we were the first to ride Peter Pan, but until 9 only people with EMM were allowed to ride.

No real advantage.

I was able to get 1 7DMT in before the RD crowd arrived on EMM morning.

We were there in December in a EMM morning and were able to ride 7dmt twice before rope drop crowds arrived.
Definitely would do.it again in a heartbeat.

How did you find out that there were Early Morning Magic hours on the date you were going? We also have BOG reservation but I have no idea if it is on a date with Early Morning Magic. Thanks

On MDE search Early Morning Magic. It will show you dates available.

I did but only May 9th and 16th are showing. I was told if the date is sold out it will not show as available any longer.So, since I can only see two dates in May can I assume that means those are the only two that are available or could that just be the only ones not sold out? Thanks

Disney’s website says it’s select Sundays and Tuesdays. Some months don’t have these every week. I double-checked on Kenny the Pirate’s calendars for May, and they show just the 9th and 16th. I’d say those are the only two in May that it happens.

Edit: Kenny’s shows it also happened May 2, but that’s now in the past.

Great! I did find the select Sunday and Tuesday info and that’s when I was a little worried since it’s a Tuesday that we will be in MK and just couldn’t find any confirmation. Thanks so much for that information.

Ther is another topic about this floating around. I started one too(couldn’t find yours when I searched-sorry!). Anyway, I’m tracking this one now to watch for any new info before our trip in June. Though you might want the info on this one BOG reservation for early entry if you haven’t seen it yet.

If you look at the individual days in the Touring Plans crowd calendar on the full website, they do have the Early Morning Magic dates indicated. It doesn’t show up on the mobile version or in the full crowd calendar, only if you click through to the specific dates. Example: https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/crowd-calendar/date/2017-08-27

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No problem. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one with the question.