Will revised WDW operating hours change Crowd Level prediction? (June 2016)

I thought I had a great plan on which parks to go to on which days for our June 2016 trip. Our 180 day dining reservation window is this Saturday and now I am seeing that Disney altered the hours. This will change my plans all around! Will the Crowd Level predictions change based on these newly released EMHs? (first time poster so hopefully I’ve done this correctly) Thank you!

Hi @flounder32 - your first-time post was indeed done correctly!

The CL predictions take into account changes in operating hours, but sometimes it takes a little while before the statisticians review and release them. Perhaps @len or @fred can jump in with the answer for this specific case.

One good tip is to track the days that you are interested in - from the main TP page select Crowd Calendar > Crowd Tracker. That way you get e-mail alerts whenever the CL predictions for your days are updated.

I’ll check. It should happen automagically.

At 6 months out, I would expect the CL numbers to change (maybe up, maybe down) at least a few times before your trip. I use the CLs as a rough planning tool way out, but I don’t get serious about TPs until I’m much closer to the actual date.

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Thanks for the help!