Will Potter Celebration Impact Crowd on Thursday?

My sis and I are going to take our first trip to check out the Harry Potter lands at Universal this January in conjunction with a WDW trip. We are planning to hit Universal the Thursday before the Celebration of Harry Potter weekend. Right now that crowd calendar projects a 3 which is the best level for the time we are in Orlando, but I am scared that the celebration might bring in crowds to those lands. What do you all think? Stick with Thursday? All we want to see is the Potter stuff.

The WWOHP events have been running for a few years so tp is pretty accurate. Just remember the cl is based on ride wait times not actual crowds. Wwohp is always crowded esp DA queues for ice cream and butter beer can be 30 mins all day. Enjoy

Correct, there are big crowds in the Potter areas but it doesn’t have a huge impact on non-Potter wait times.

Thank you! Since we only want to see the potter stuff, do you think we are better off going sooner in the week? I already have ADRs for my previous plans, so I don’t really want to change days, but if you think Thursday will be crazy, I will do it.

I chickened out and moved our Potter Day to Monday, rather than the Thursday before the Celebration of Harry Potter starts. Even tho the overall crowd level is higher, I think it will make for better time in DA and H.