Will Jollywood Nights impact the daytime crowds at Hoolywood Studios as holiday parties at MK?

Day time MK crowds are very low on party days – do you think the new party nights at Hollywood Studios will have a similar effect on the crowds at that park>


That’s a good question. I’m sure it will deter some people, but with so few attractions in HS and most being headliners I doubt it will make a significant impact like it does at MK.

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I don’t think JN will have that same effect, certainly not to the same extent.

MK closes 5 hours early on party nights, with none of the regular fireworks for the day guests.

HS might close at 8 for an 8:30 party, only 30-60 minutes earlier than an 8:30 or 9:00 closing. Plus HS doesn’t have big nighttime fireworks shows the way MK and EP do. It’s more like an “after hours” event in terms of what it displaces.

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I wonder how closing early will effect Fantasmic? I would love to go to HS on a night where Fantasmic is at any other time then 7:30pm, lol. We are generally in the middle of dinner at this time.

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