Will I make it in time?- transportation question

So, our flight is set to arrive in Orlando at 120 pm. I am planning a HS afternoon that day since we only want to do a few things there. I was able to get FPP for TSM at 405. What do you think the chances are of making it from airport to park in time? (we don’t plan on stopping at resort first). Since we only have 4 1/2 days in the park and want 2 full days at MK, I’m trying to decide if we should try to rearrange TP to hop back to HS on our Epcot day or keep it as is! Hope that makes sense!!

How are you travelling from the airport? And are you a domestic of international traveller?

I don’t think you’ll have any problems, unless you’re international.

Oops! sorry I forgot to add we will be taking Magical Express and flying domestically from Philly with layover in ATL. Thanks!

If you’re on ME how are you not going to go via a resort? You should allow about 2 hours to get from the airport to your resort, and then travel to the park. I still think you’ll do it without too much trouble, as long as your flight isn’t delayed. It probably won’t take the 2 hours.

Thanks! I more meant that we weren’t planning on stopping at the hotel room and resting. We will just have them deliver bags and we will go straight to park once we get off at resort. I was hoping it wouldn’t be more than 2 hours so that’s good! The last time we took ME it was years ago and FPP wasn’t a thing so I wasn’t sure this time around!


Which resort are you at? There’s a big difference in travel time depending, but as long as your flight is close to on time, I think you’re likely safe to at least catch the back end of your FPP window…

We are staying at Pop! That was one of my concerns because we’ve never stayed there I wasn’t sure how long the travel time was. We usually stay at CBR

Everyone should be aware that if the shutdown is still going on, travel to and from Florida, Philly, LaGuardia and Newark is going to be affected, starting today, per FAA new release. Be early, cross your fingers and be efficient and kind to the TSA’s and other airport/airline employees. It ain’t their fault.

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