Will I make it in time for my ADR from DS BBB?

Hoping one of you pros might have some insight as to what I should do.

I have a BBB at Disney Springs for my Daughter at 12:30. The CM assured me I would have anough time to get to make Epcot Akershus at 2:45. When talking to people on another board they were all very pessimistic about me being able to make it in time.

NOTE: We will have our own car, so we can drive if that would be better.

Half my party will already be at Epcot, so they could check-in (just not seat us until we arrive). However, I really hate being late. It is driving me crazy. I wish I could find another BBB (but that hasn’t happened yet), or push my Akershus back (I keep checking).

What would you all do? Can I make it? Is it too close?



BBB runs late Your appointment takes an hour. You won’t make it in my opinion. Even driving travelling will take an hour by the time you navigate 2 car parks. Walk from back of Epcot car park or tram takes 10-15 mins then Akershus is 10-15 minutes from entrance. They don’t seat you at Akershus unless your full party is there. I would try for dinner instead

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Agree with the hour point to point travel time. IF BBB is on time, and IF it takes an hour (no personal experience), then the math says you’ll make it with 15 min to spare. But that’s not a lot of “wiggle room” to allow for delays at BBB, unplanned potty stops, etc. I’ve never done this, so I’m tossing it out for others to comment on - but would going to SSR and then taking a bus direct to EP be a shorter travel time?

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I can’t speak to the BBB at Disney Springs, but we went to the BBB at MK and it took about an hour and a half for both our daughters (they had appointments at the same time, not back to back) to get done (this included the pictures after they were done). They were running slightly behind by the time they took our girls back, so I think that is why it took a little longer to get out of there. It is a really great experience, so I would not want to feel rushed to get through it. If you can move either the BBB appointment or Akershus to allow more time for the experience I would do it. If you are anything like me I get so anxious about being late that I can’t enjoy the experience.

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Thanks for the replies everyone… Just as I feared… It doesn’t look good :pensive:

So, Since BBB is pretty much impossible to move at this point (no openings whenever I call), I’m going to have to concentrate on pushing back my Akershus. What time do you think would be good? 3:30? 4:00?

Can’t go too late as we plan to be in MK that night for Wishes.