WIll I get these Reservations?


My family of 4 is travelling with our friends family of 5 (so total 9 people!) to Disney March 24-April 1. We are staying on resort so we will be able to book our reservations for our entire stay 60 days out.

Do you think I will be able to secure these reservations (most I would like somewhere between 4-6pm but have indicated below)? Which ones will be the hardest? I have tried to put the ones that I thought would be hardest to get at the end of our trip.

This is our plan:
Day 1 (Sat) - MK - no table service
Day 2 (Sun) - HWS then DS - TREX around 6pm
Day 3 (Mon) - Epcot - One of these: Teppan Edo/Biergarten/Via Napoli/Coral Reef - 4-6pm
Day 4 (Tues) - Animal Kingdom - Tusker House (late breakfast)
Day 5 (Wed) - Epcot then Hoop De Doo Musical Review (6pm)
Day 6 (Thurs) HWS - Sci Fi 4-6 pm
Day 7 (Friday) MK - O’hana 4-6pm

I appreciate your help!

For TRex consider getting a Landry’s card so you can walk up. HDDR seems doable. Coral Reef should know oils be no problem.

Curious to hear others weigh in on Sci-Fi as I know that’s hard to get and I’m trying for +8 personally.

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Will you try for a regular SCI-Fi ADR or a Fantasmic package? I know the packages have been late loading so it might be hard to book.

The problem won’t be getting them. The problem will be getting them at the times you want. Take whatever time you can get off the bat. Modify from there. ‘Ohana and SciFi will be the trickiest.

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That’s disappointing to hear! I thought since I had them at the end of our trip that we would be able to secure decent times. The amount of money spent on a Disney trip, it is so frustrating that getting these reservations are so difficult!

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I’m local so I don’t really plan that far ahead. I often see Sci-Fi show up a day or 2 before. So if you don’t get what you want set reservation finders and keep checking.


There have been lots of touring plans users looking for January Fantasmic Packages and it does not appear as if they have been loaded? No availability might not mean they are all gone.

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++ @TheSafetyLady … grab whatever you can get on the 60 day mark and then modify to improve your date/time.

I find that for 5 or so days after the 60 day mark there will be people juggling their ADRs and availability will come and go as they are modifying and canceling.

I use the Web brower version of MDE so that I can have an open tab for each reservation I’m trying to modify.

That way I can periodicaly step though each tab clicking the Search Times button to check if something has opened up.

I recently was able to move three 9:00ish dinner reservations to 5:30 in that 5 day period.


THIS - we have a split stay coming up and last week I was able to book everything we wanted (except Yak & Yeti) but had to be flexible with times. Even got SciFi Diner on day 1 albeit at 10:55 - very early lunch! Good luck!

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Yak and Yeti may load later or you can call. Also, you can get a Landry’s card to get priority walk-up.

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