Will I be able to check in at 9am

We are staying offsite for a couple of days before moving onsite to Saratoga Springs. Because we will are coming from the UK we won’t already have our Magic Bands, so my thought was to turn up in the morning at around 9ish to collect them and leave are bags before heading off to Typhoon Lagoon, then returning after lunch (hoping our room will be ready by then) before going to Magic Kingdom in the evening.

I know I’m probably pushing my luck hoping the room will be ready after lunch, but I believe we can always use the pool while waiting? What I’m more concerned about is trying to check in/ collect our magic bands in the morning, while everyone else is checking out. Am I mad to try and do it then and if not how long do you think it will take?

You can definitely use the pool even if your room isn’t ready. As far as your room being ready, it really depends. We have had plenty of times our room was ready early and then times that it was closer to 4 (and luckily never later than that). If early check in is more important than other requests (like view or location), then just note that on the reservation.

You don’t actually need to check out physically so I don’t think it will be busy at all - we never saw lines at POFQ last trip at any time of day.

I’m happy to wait for my room, as I have/will request a room with the handy fax facility it’s more will i be able to collect my magic band in the morning and then start using them at the water park with all the handy things like room charging etc.

I don’t think it will take a crazy long time to check in at 9 am. With online check in now there are plenty of people who never go to the front desk which helps reduce the crowds.

I think check-out is a pretty automated thing that does not require going to the front desk. I don’t think you need to worry about hordes of people checking at out at 9 am.

Thank-you all, from what everyone has said I think my plan should all work out ok :blush:


I regularly check in around 9:00 AM and move to to other activities until the room is available … sometimes not returning until the evening.