Will HS be worth it?


Well it’s offical. We will miss out on Toy Story Land for our early June trip. I’m now stuck wondering if HS will be worth spending at day at. I’m planning this trip for my family (this will be our third trip) and another family (their first trip). Some of our favorite HS items are gone- Great Movie Ride, Honey i strunk Kids, Backlot tour. I don’t think any of the kids on our trip will do tower of terror or rock -n- roller coaster…plus they are too old to enjoy much of Disney Jr stuff. Will HS be a waste of a day? Maybe we should do a second day at Epcot? Thoughts?


If the kids don’t want to do ToT or RRC, then I would skip HS. There’s only 4 attractions at HS and the rest are shows.

ToT, RRC, Toy Story Mania and Star Tours are the only rides. I would spend another day at Epcot if they don’t like those rides or another AK day and do FoP more.


We are going in early June as well and I just broke the news to the husband that Toy Story Midway Mania won’t be available during our trip. (At least, I don’t think it will be available. My understanding is that they are moving the entrance to be inside Toy Story Land so I’m guessing it will be closed until it reopens.) We are AP holders so we will probably go to HS for an evening to see fireworks. Depending on the ages of the kids, it may still be worth a half day. My kids loved Star Wars Launch Bay, Frozen Ever After sing-a-long, Jedi Training, Star Tours, Muppet 3-D, the Beauty and the Beast show, and meeting Olaf. They even liked Voyage of the Little Mermaid show. Because of the timing of the shows, we end up staying in HS longer than one would think. I would say it would be a good park to either rope drop and then leave early afternoon for a swim break or show up late to and stay for fireworks.



Are they Star Wars fans? If so, you may want to plan some time there if you have park hoppers.

Star Tours of course. Launch Bay could quite easily take up 60 to 90 minutes if they are interested and also want to meet the characters. March of the First Order is so much fun, and the Projection/Fireworks show is worth seeing. And Jedi Training too - nearly forgot that.

Add in Indy Stunt Show - if they’re too old for Disney Jnr they’d probably enjoy this, it’s one of my favourite attractions anywhere in WDW.


We are going in early May and are doing an HS day. We do not do RRC and only a couple of us are doing TOT. My kids and husband love Star Wars. I have tried scheduling out our day and we will not see everything. We are not yearly attendees, so seeing some of our favorites will not feel stale. My kids are also too old for Disney Jr. We are hoping TSM is open. We are actually going 5/8, one day after it is stand by only. I can’t imagine they would close it for 2 months before TSL opens. Even if it is closed, we still plan on going.


I can’t imagine that they would close it completely for 2 months. If they can run it on standby while moving the entrance, my guess is that it will be open again before the rest of TSL. They can just adjust the screening and have people start using the new entrance of TSL before the rest of the area opens.


That’s what I was thinking as well.


We added a second Epcot day when we learned that TSMM FPP will not be available on our dates and a single standby line will be open.

We will visit again after the new lands open.


We are still planning on going to HS, just gonna do some looking around. Gonna do lunch and hollywood and vine then hit Indiana Jones before heading out to visit Disney Springs


I typically have PHs, so I’ll give DHS a half day to do ToT, RnRC, and ST, look around a bit and maybe have lunch at HBD. If I didn’t have hoppers, I would not use a full day ticket at DHS - I’d do a second EP or AK day.


I don’t think they’ll close it for two months. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a soft opening of TSL…

We’re going on 4/15, which is our arrival day… So we’ll arrive around 2, see a handful of attractions, and then go back to our hotel and rest up for the next day…


With regards to TSM, the combination of “insider” views, rumors, and speculation is all over the place. Here is a hat I have found to have come from the he more reliable sources…

  1. TSM will be completely closed for “some” period of time to affect the final switchover to the new entrance.

  2. It will be running at a “reduced capacity”, with occasional complete shut downs during Apr and May.

  3. June is a question mark. If they use the “by invitation” preview model that was used for Pandora, then it will probably be closed to the “general public” during the preview period.

  4. Alternate opinion: they will keep track 3 open via the old entrance during previews, and make the final switch “overnight” (or with only s day or two closure) just before the official opening.

I suspect that this really clears nothing up, but it’s what I know. Although I’m not, if I were going in June I would go with the assumption that TSM will be closed and then be pleasantly surprised if it isn’t.


Noooooo…it’s our first and last time…but you are right…I will try not to be disappointed. …might be able to squeeze in a visit after memorial day…those that are staying onsite can tell us at the 60 day mark!


I’d skip it unless I had parkhoppers TBH.


I would imagine we will glean some insight in March when the 60 day FPP window would open on the other side of May 7th…


Thanks for all the feedback. I’m still going back and worth and think I’ll make a final decision once I can see if FP are available come our 60day mark. Here’s another question: if I do skip HS which park do we do another day at- currently we are doing 1 and 1/2 af MK, 1 Epcot, 1 AK, 1 typhoon lagoon. If we take away HS which park is most worthy of going to again. I tend to want to always go back to MK…