Will Fireworks time change?

Visiting MK 8/3 - Fireworks are listed at 9pm. Last time we went in May, less crowds and they were at 10pm. Do they usually move the time at a later date? I don’t remember having to do this last year but I remember them extending park hours.

Also looking to watch them from the Poly on 8/6 - not a park day for us, but planning our dinner around this.

Any input would be appreciated, thank you!

They were at 10 last year on 6th Aug, I remember because we were all ill and didn’t stay for them.

They were at 9 the 4th of July week last year

Well there I have it! Plan on it MAYBE changing, LOL!

In February I was confused when they were scheduled for 8 but even when they added three hours to the schedule they were still scheduled at 8.