Will extra morning magic alter touring plan for MK?

I’ve booked a crystal palace breakfast for Saturday 2nd July, then plan to be at the first ride at 9am and follow the touring plan. However, I’ve just found out about extra morning magic (pay extra money to get into park at 7am) and now I’m worried that these extra people getting into MK early will spoil my early entry benefit of the crystal palace breakfast. Also will it alter the recommended touring plan? Should I avoid MK on the days of the extra morning magic? Thanks

I’ve read that it won’t effect your touring plan

Where did you see there are extra morning magic in July? I do not see it. Thanks!

Right now, it’s only showing on Tuesday and Saturday mornings through June (per WDW site), nothing is showing beyond that. I think OP is just anticipating a “what if?” scenario, should it continue into July.

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The only thing it will likely ruin is your ability to get pictures on an empty main street.