Will DME take my luggage to MCO without me?

If we’re checking out of Pop on our last day and planning to spend the day at Universal before taking an Uber to the airport (flight is at 9:30 pm), can we do airline check-in at Pop and have them take our luggage to the airport without actually riding the bus? Having to be back at the resort to catch the bus 3 hours before our flight will really cut into our park time at Universal.

Alternatively, will Universal hold our luggage for the day while we’re in the parks? I’ve found mixed reviews online.

If your airline participated in the resort airline checkin program, you can check in before you leave. You do not need to take DME to do this. They are two different programs.


Yes…We checked everything but our carry ons the morning of check out but then missed our ME pick up by 4 mins. We took an Uber and our luggage through ME safety arrived at our home airport.

It’s not DME, its airline checkin located at the hotel by TSA approved staff. Only specific airlines participate.


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Thanks, all. We’re flying JetBlue so sounds like we have a good plan.

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Super helpful, thank you!