Will changing my reservation through Undercover Tourist make me lose my Fast Passes?

The rates on our room dropped significantly through Undercover Tourist. We booked through them originally and want to cancel our rooms and rebook them through Undercover Tourist for the same exact period at the new/better rate. The note about our Fast Passes being cancelled concerns me. Any experience with this?

If you are just rebooking for the same dates then your FPs will be fine.

However I would book with UT first, then cancel.

Thank you! We actually already have them booked through UT but they have a better rate now.

OK, so ask them to rebook first, then cancel the original.

They may be able to modify, which would be even better. It’s the cancellation process that triggers things.

That’s really helpful. Thank you!

Unfortunately UT was difficult and said they couldn’t guarantee we wouldn’t lose our FastPasses if we changed our reservation (despite staying at the same resort on-property but not changing dates.) Disney said we’d be fine but UT wouldn’t promise there wouldn’t be an issue.

But it isn’t up to UT whether or not you lose your FPs. They can’t guarantee anything because it’s Disney who will cancel the FPs. So forget what UT say!

What did UT offer to do?

  1. Cancel and re-book

If this, then ask if they would book the new resort first and then cancel.

I don’t know how they operate, whether they have blocks of rooms or just book direct. But unless they have a block of rooms to sell, then surely they would rebook first anyway, otherwise you could be left without anywhere to stay.

But even if you cancel and then rebook, you’ll be fine if it’s done on the same day.

  1. If they offer to modify your reservation, you’ll keep the same reservation number and nothing is cancelled. Therefore no FPs will be cancelled.

I don’t think UT can modify reservations.

I booked for 2 adults at AKL through them last January (check in date was in May 2019). I knew we might have 2 more adults joining us, but wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to pay for the extra adults up front. They told me that their contract with Disney didn’t allow them to add or change guests on the reservation and that the entire stay would need to be rebooked if the party changed.

UT also had a warning about FPs being linked to hotel reservations and that if the hotel reservation was cancelled the FPs would be cancelled too. This was before the new FP rules went into affect.

They should be able to re-book and then cancel the original reservation (I don’t have actual experience with this).

or if UT won’t modify can you rebook yourself with UT and then cancel original? But as @Nickysyme said as long as you rebook same day it should be okay for FPP; but I would want to know I have something booked so I would cancel first reservations after booking new