Will be using the TP room request but would like to request a microwave

Is is a good idea to put the microwave request in with the TP “room general type selection” or wait until we get there and request on arrival? we are looking a standard coronado springs room, casitas block 5 “type” request so it isnt a villa or tower room.

You should call guest services to request a microwave

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Yep call WDW and add the request to your room reservation ASAP. They are on a first come first served basis.

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We are 6 months away so I wasnt even going to put a room reservation until a little closer.

My plan was to use the TP room request. Would phoning up screw up the TP room request do you think?

You can’t request a microwave in that fashion.
The only way to request one is by calling, and I would do that ASAP as they are limited in number and the sooner you call the greater your chances of getting one.
In many ways 6 months may as well be tomorrow when it comes to Disney planning