Will a Muslin Mask be allowed at WDW?

Hi there. I am curious if CM would give me hard time if I used a mask made out of muslin fabric? According to WDW’s policy the mask cannot be mesh so I assume a Muslin material would work? Thanks :slight_smile: Not looking for a mask debate.

Are you sure you want to go to WDW right now while masks are required indoors?

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Yep. We have thought it through. We are believing to get pregnant at the end of the year and this will be our chance to bring our 3.5 year old with us. If we don’t go this year, then it will be about 2.5 years before we are able to go again.

I think it would depend on the muslin. It comes in different weave tightnesses. You can get some that’s very airy and some that’s thick like quilting cottons.

When we were there last August (2020), I had a couple of masks that were essentially muslin material that I would wear outdoors. I was never questioned about it.

However, I chose to do so because while Disney still required masks outdoors, the science really didn’t back up the need while outdoors. Also, temperatures were hitting 103 degrees (real-feel hitting 113 degrees) during that trip, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the muslin mask at all. In either case, I would swap to a more “robust” mask when in lines/indoors.

Having said that, when my wife and I returned in December 2020, I instead stuck to the two-layer cotton masks my wife made the entire time.

If we were to go now, I would definitely NOT use the muslin material, since the Delta variant is so much more contagious than the variants from last year.

As far as whether it is “allowed”…unless your mask is obviously not providing full coverage, or you can kind of see through it, I don’t think there would be any issue/qualms. The CMs certainly have more to do than police the type of masks. But if the mask visibly isn’t meeting their guidelines, that might request you put on another mask, so keep alternatives handy.

Based on their guidelines if it is 2 layers and not “mesh material” (their term) you should be fine.

I use silk as my really breathable material because it isn’t as itchy on my face, and is really light.

On one hand this seems like a “don’t be that person” post, but it’s also a good opportubity to share info.

It’s somewhat counter intuitive but the “shaped” duckbill and kn95 where the mask is not in contact with your face are quite breathable properly worn. I tried both fabric and a kn95 duringlast summer at the parks after open and the actual masks were much easier to wear around. I usually switched to typical blue medical masks when in low risk areas. This was last year and prior to vaccination.

Thanks! I am going to look into silk. I wouldn’t have thought about a silk mask but that sounds amazing and doing quick research it sounds like it protects against covid and is breathable. Do you have a link to one you like?

I haven’t tried silk, but did try Bamboo. Here’s the things, using a material without structure means with every breath, you suck the material into your mouth, and you start to look and feel like a puffer fish. I imagine silk doing the same. I ended up giving up all my bamboo masks, despite being very comfortable and cool material.

Food for thought.

Haha. Thanks for the visual. Good input. When you mean structure what do you mean by that? Like wiring?

No. I just mean, cotton as a material has structure to it (for example). But bamboo (and silk) is super flowy. Part of what makes those materials “hang nicely” is what makes them also annoying for masks. The cotton masks don’t have that problem because they have some structure to them. It is a fine balance.

If you can find a silk material that isn’t so flowy, it might work. Since @heathernoel uses silk in her masks, she might have insight into what works and what doesn’t.

My favorite, for the reasons @ryan1 mentions is this mask.

They have one size larger too and kid sizes. I like this one because of the nose wire and the structure. It keeps the silk off of my mouth. It is 4 layer (which helps with the structure), so really good protection and still breathable. Downside of those 4 layers is that silk repeals water so they keep your face damp in high humidity. This maker makes double layer ones in this design but they do not have a nose wire and have a filter pocket, so I always assumed they would be more likely to stick to my mouth.

For my daughter, hands down this mask has been the best (in the kids size): She struggled with masks before we started getting these. She prefers pleated style and doesn’t need a nosewire like me.

That same site has a different style that I would also recommend for adults. I have a few of these and now that my DD is getting bigger she likes these too. The owner refers to this second syle as “double stiched”. They have a more complicated pleate that puts the portion over your mouth as the furthest pleat from your face which helps keep the fabric out of your mouth. All of the JZ mask shop ones are 2 layer.

Unless you want to shrink them, don’t dry them. I do wash them on cold in a lingerie bag. All ofnour masks come from these two sellers.

Good luck!

Just as a rule of thumb, try blowing out a candle while wearing your selected mask. If you can blow the candle out, the mask isn’t doing its job. If you can’t, it’s probably ok.



I exclusively wear disposable medical masks. I actually sent a batch back when they weren’t up to snuff.

I had Covid in early 2020.

I’ve been traveling since Sept 2020, all over the country and I’ve not even caught a cold since. Usually I catch a cold when I travel.

Anyway, my .02 on masks, the paper medical ones seem the best for me, I haven’t been ill, and when it’s super hot I tend to swap them out 3-4 times a day.

Re: Muslim masks, it’s a definite your mileage may vary….I’ve seen people with them get through and I’ve seen people be handed a paper mask. Yesterday at Disneyland I saw a few guests be approached for the masks they were wearing at the end of an attraction and been told they needed something different to be inside. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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