Will a Bahamian cruise be miserably hot in July?

I really prefer a five night to a 3- or 4- night cruise but it looks like 5-night cruises are only available in the summer… Is it miserably hot in the summer at castaway Cay, etc? Trying to decide when to go… Maybe we should look at a 3- or 4-night instead??

On average it’s in the upper 80’s in Castaway Cay in the Bahamas in July. It’s nice because the water is finally warm and there are umbrellas on the beach so if you get there early you can score some shade for the day. There are always the Cabanas you can rent as well, for a hefty fee.

I always think the longer cruises are better, but that’s because i’m obsessed with cruising :smile:

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No not really the humidity isn’t bad and the breezes off the ocean make it really nice.

I agree longer cruises always better on a 4 night you feel like you unpack and then its time to pack up again.

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I find on beaches and coastal areas of Bahamas or Caribbean islands to be very pleasant with the ocean breezes. It is the island interiors that can be too high humidity and uncomfortable

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I guess it depends on what you consider “miserably hot”, but we regularly go in June and have found it quite nice. As others have said, upper 80’s, but with low humidity and decent breezes to cool you off.


This. The breeze helps a lot along the coast. It’ll still be hot though.

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Just be careful. If you’re sitting on the beach, you need to make sure you reapply the sunscreen, OFTEN. Especially if you’re sitting on the beach at the Atlantis and the coconut guy keeps rolling around and selling you freshly opened coconuts filled with rum. You’re bound to burn and have your skin crack like mine did. LOL