Wildfires - Should I be concerned?

I’m seeing reports like this one regarding wildfires near DLR:

I’m going to DLR (from Ohio) for the 1st time on Sunday. I’m not familiar with the area, how close are the fires to the parks? Should I be worried about air conditions or is it just more of a weird visual?


After I posted, I came across a DTB article with some more info here:

Sounds like it might be contained by this weekend. Yesterday was already better than the prior day (when the original photos started appearing).

I left yesterday. Monday was very ugly, the air was bad and there was ash falling but tuesday had cleared up quite a bit. I would say by sunday you should be ok. I did see a few people wearing masks on monday and I did hear that people were leaving. We toughed it out, but like I said , tuesday had already showed improvement so lets hope it gets better.