Wilderness Lodge woods view

Hello everyone,
Wondering if anyone can help me with this. Two years ago we stayed at WL in a woods view. With the renovations this category is gone. Does anyone know if rooms 5004-5034 which used to be woods view are now standard view or they ones that are being converted to villas? I know 5042-5066 are standard and look over the service area, but we were hoping to stay in the wing farther out and get a view of Cinderella’s Castle. Thanks.

I am wondering the same thing! We are trying see if we can get a good view of the castle in a standard room.

As far as I can gather, the 5004-5034 block is remaining as rooms. Its the south wing on the other side of the courtyard that is being converted

Did you ever find an answer to this question? I, too, wanted to book the Woods View but could find it nowhere on the site. Wondering if those NW facing rooms are on the Standard View list.

Sorry, these are the only liner responses. But from what I’ve been able to find out from other sources is that the wing closer to Boulder Creek has been converted to studio timeshares. So the north wing would have 2 types of rooms courtyard view and standard view which would be the old woods view. This is what I am going with and have requested a “castle view” room by looking at the view from rooms in touring plans.

@traveler1 Thanks! When are you headed there? I’d be curious to hear how your request worked out. We’re going in June 2018, so still plenty of time to adjust our request :slight_smile:

We will be there in December. I’ll be glad to post when we get back.

@Traveler1 hope your december trip was magical! How did the room request work out?

Sorry–forgot I was supposed to report back. We found out there are several types of standard view rooms. One is the castle view and another is the view of the lake where you overlook the boat dock I was told some of the rooms overlook rooftops also. We were first assigned the lake view (even though we asked for castle view). We checked out the room just to see if we would like it or not and we liked the view but it wasn’t my dream view. We went back to the front desk to see what else we could get. They were able to get us a castle view if we could wait for the room to be cleaned, which was fine with me. We ended up in 4028 which had a view of the castle with a tree partially blocking it and a great view of the fireworks. I would not want to stay on any lower floor as the view would not be good. Also all the descriptions of the rooms say there is a door or curtain next to the sinks to give a second area to dress in private. We have stayed here many times and have never had that. I love this resort and we will continue to stay here but I think that they should have redone the hotel rooms when they redid the rest of the resort. The rooms just look like they need refreshing and they need to be lightened up they are very dark. You will find that rooms on the top floor and lake view are even darker as the balcony is enclosed so the light does’t get in. Make sure you take the resort tour-free. It was fantastic.