Wilderness Lodge vs. Port Orleans - French Quarter

Good afternoon, I was hoping someone who has stayed at both hotels, or has knowledge of both, could provide some advice on the two. Some background, we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge back in September of 2018 and we loved it. We currently have booked a trip in August 2020 and are scheduled to stay at WL again. It is my wife, my 6 year old daughter, my 3 year old daughter, and myself. Even though it is already booked I was poking around and saw a lot of good writeups on the Port Orleans French Quarter. Staying at POFQ would save us about $1200 over the course of 6 nights, not an insignificant amount of savings. My question is that of course the WL is a higher tier of hotel but would we be missing out on that much by staying at Port Orleans French Quarter instead. Some things we liked about the WL, proximity to MK, the two really nice pools, the fact that it was a fairly compact hotel and it was not a long walk to go to different spots on the resort. It looks like the POFQ isnt THAT far away from MK, is the most compact of the moderate resorts, and has a good pool area. Our plan would be to use the MDE and then probably use the Minnie Van service to get to parks in the morning to make sure we hit rope drop. Any thoughts? Would the Caribbean Beach be a better option for young kids if we went the moderate route?

We have stayed at both resorts, WL when it was fairly new, so it has been a while, stayed twice. We were at POFQ in October 2019. We really loved it. Getting around French Quarter was very convenient . We were in building 6, river view and could get to the pool, the lobby, the bus stop with nothing taking longer than 5 minutes and that was with 2 senior citizens. My 3 year old and 15 month old granddaughters loved the splash area. The food court was good. Bus transportation was really convenient. During our trip, the only time we shared a bus with Riverside was afternoons going to AK. Otherwise it was just the 1 bus stop.
You are deciding between my top 2 choices. Because of cost as well as truly enjoying our stay, we will be returning to POFQ December 2020.

Hi! We have stayed at both with kids 4 and 6 and we LOVED French quarter. My kids enjoyed the pool/splash area there more than at wilderness lodge. The atmosphere at POFQ was very relaxing and it felt much cozier than WL. I would definitely stay at POFQ and use the savings on Minnie vans!

We’ve had enjoyable stays at both WL and POFQ. Due to our family size, we typically stayed at deluxe resorts, but once the older two left for college we were able to experience moderate resorts. I was worried at first that they would be let down after all of our deluxe stays, but that has not been the case. We loved our stay at POFQ. It is compact and easy to navigate. The food court is great (beignets!) The cost difference is significant. I would save the $1200 and stay at POFQ.

I think it would be worth trying out a new resort anyway, and for $1200? You can buy an awful lot of beignets :wink: Yum!

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Thanks for the advice everyone! Admittedly I am still torn, we loved everything about the WL. What about the POFQ vs the Caribbean Beach? It seems most disney websites, including this one, rank POFQ ahead, but a lot of that is based on things that the kids might not care about (food, decor, etc), but the pool area (something the kids will care about) looks better at Caribbean Beach.

At FQ you get that pool and all the pools at Riverside. You also get one bus stop. You do get the skyliner at CBR . I thought Len said that CB was the lowest rated moderate?

We stayed at CBR in a standard room, Jamaica 43, over Thanksgiving. I loved this resort. It’s beautiful and quiet with a tropical, beachy feel.

We were a quick walk to both Skyliner and bus stop and Skyliner was a highlight of our trip. It was quick, easy and pleasant to get to EP and HS, and we took midday breaks every day. Our experience with bus transport was fine; we did not experience exceptionally long waits.

The walk to OPR was not too long, pretty, and relaxing. The Fuentes del Moro pool is outstanding. And we ate at the restaurants more than I’d expected, and they were good. One evening we took Skyliner to AoA to eat dinner and walk around. The food was good, different than what was at CBR and the grounds of AoA are also fun.

We were in a second floor corner room, which was plenty of space for two adults, a teen, and a little one. Room was nicely furnished, though I wouldn’t be sad to see the carpets go in favor of laminate flooring and under bed storage.

I’d been a little nervous since this resort doesn’t get much love, but we really enjoyed it and would absolutely go back. Let me know if I can provide additional info.

I can’t comment on the other resorts you mentioned as I’ve not stayed at either, but plenty of other people here have. CSR was the other place we stayed and we liked that, too.

Good luck with your decision and remember that no matter where you stay, you’re going to Disney!

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