My first night there involves a character dinner … Snow White at Wilderness Lodge.
I was wondering if I took the skyliner to epcot, and hopped on the monorail could I get a boat somewhere to Wilderness Lodge? Just looking for some fun transportation on my first night when we are not going to the parks. We are staying at Hilton Bonnet Creek

In order to get from the Skyliner to the Monorail, you have to actually pass through Epcot.

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You would have to take Skyliner to International Gateway, walk through Epcot to the monorail station at the front entrance, take monorail to Ticket/Transportation Center. Then you have a few options: take express monorail straight to MK and then take boat to WL, resort monorail around to MK and take boat to WL, resort monorail around to Contemporary and then boat to WL. Personally, I think that is a LOT of work, but if you have an hour and a half to kill and want to play transportation “bingo”, then go for it.

As @ryan1 said, you would need to go through Epcot to get on the monorail, so you would need to have an AP or use an admission ticket for this.

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ok thanks !!
that obviously is a bad idea!!

I really want to ride the skyliner, not sure what my options are coming from Hilton Bonnet Creek

You could either make a side trip on the Skyliner when you are at HS or Epcot, or go to one of the Skyliner resorts for a meal and Skyliner ride (or just park there and ride Skyliner).

Hilton Bonnet Creek has shuttle service to all four parks plus Disney Springs as part of the $45 per resort fee https://www.hiltonbonnetcreek.com/faqs

As I see it you got a couple of options

If riding the Skyliner your first night is a priority, cancel your current reservation and go for dinner at one of the resorts on the Skyliner, like the new Riviera or CBR. Take your hotel shuttle to HS and grab the Skyliner from there. I’m guessing the character dinner is priority.

If Snow White Dinner at WL is top priority, take the shuttle bus from your resort to MK, pretty sure it drops off at TTC, then Express monorail to MK and grab the ferry from there to WL. BTW, we’ve stayed at the WL and really enjoyed riding the ferry.

Last option is just take a shuttle bus to Epcot, HS or AK and then transfer over to a WL bus. Not very exciting.

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One thing you could do is take your hotel shuttle to Hollywood Studios, ride the Skyliner to International Gateway, go through Beach Club to its bus stop and ride to MK, then take a ferry to WL. Would probably take 1.5 hours, but would include some fun transportation options and seems more direct than some of the other options.

And / or on the way home, you could take the boat from the WL to MK, take the monorail to Epcot (with transfer at TTC), then take a shuttle back to your resort or if you haven’t done Skyliner yet, take the bus to Hollywood Studios and take the Skyliner as far as you want to go, then take an Uber back to your hotel (or go back to HS and take a shuttle). I think this would all take more like 2 hours.


that’s what I was looking for! The Beach Club is my way around the Epcot problem. Thanks Jeff !!

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I am truly impressed by this post. You must be the wizard of Disney transportation.



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Note: Once you get to the MK bus depot … you need to clear MK security (but not enter the park) to get to the boat landing.

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Take the skyliner to the international gateway, go to one of the boardwalk hotels and take bus to MK. Buses drop off next to the boat dock for WL.

You don’t even need to take the Skyliner all the way to IG. You could take it one stop to CBR and grab a bus or two stops to the Riviera and hop on a bus there.

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